Slips Experience

/ Slips Experience


Galerie Léopold, Parc de 7 Heures


30 minutes


Non-verbal / accessible to all languages


For all audiences aged +8

Dates and times

  • Saturday 3 August 5pm

Free without reservation

And also...

  • Also see OKIDOK inside with the show IN PETTO on August 9 and 10


They need no introduction: OKIDOK is pure talent. Acrobatic stunts tinged with humour and imbued with a disconcerting nonchalance…

The show

Francis and François have been freed, and they take to the streets. They have dream bodies, star bodies. Muscular, elegant, skilled… Pure talent, the crème de la crème of acrobatics, the foie gras of mime, the lard of dance. Mischievous and fully aware of all their incredible qualities, they embark on a grand demonstration of their talent!

In an immediate rapport with the audience, they perform acrobatic lifts tinged with a disconcerting nonchalance, while remaining exceptionally attentive to the events of the street that will punctuate the performance. This brings the freshness of improvisations and the magic of surprises to an often laughing audience.

In the press

A huge favorite at the Young Audience Theatre Encounters for “Lagneau” by the Pudding and 4Haut companies. They play with the work of the Flemish primitive Jan van Eyck like a game of leapfrog. In short, you get the picture!

[…] A playful and inventive introduction to visual arts, “Lagneau” proves to be both indulgent and clever. Delightfully irreverent!

  • Catherine Makereel, Le Soir


How to cope when the lamb has disappeared from Van Eyck’s famous painting? Deborah Marchal, perched high, will conduct the investigation through her physical and clownish approach to movement theatre, combining rigor, breath, and precision comedy, in a radical and meticulously staged performance by Audrey Dero. All these ingredients complete the palette of an actress, just like the colors, shades, or sfumatos do for a painter. “Lagneau” by Pudding ASBL and 4 Haut theatre, known for its quirky approach to young audiences, has reminded us once again with mastery. And especially with humor and mockery that children are sensitive to.

  • Laurence Bertels, La Libre

The team

By and with Xavier Bouvier and Benoît Devos

Produced by Cie OKIDOK

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