Théâtre Jacques Huisman




Non-verbal / accessible to all languages


For all audiences aged +6

Dates and times

  • Wednesday 7 August 8.30pm
  • Thursday 8 August 8.30pm



Full price: €29
Groups of 4 or more people: €20

Under 30s

Full price: €18
Groups of 4 or more people: €13

Reduced rate

Full price: €11
Groups of 4 or more people: €9

Subscription (from 5 shows)

Price per show

Adults: 19€

Under 30s: 12€

Reduced rate: 8€

And also...

Laurent Piron

“Wonderful, elegant, and moving… The ultimate objective is to provide the audience with a truly magical experience, a rarity in our art. It’s a genuine gift. Laurent Piron and Hugo Van de Plas have brought this dream to fruition. Congratulations!” – David Copperfield

The show

In July 2022, Laurent Piron, a native of the Pays de Herve, achieved the prestigious title of World Magic Champion from FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) with his Paper Ball act from the TIM show.

This victory stands as the highest accolade in the realm of magic, recognizing the exceptional quality of Cie Alogique’s work, the captivating emotion conveyed by the act, and its technical innovation.

Under the guidance of eminent figures such as Etienne Saglio, Yann Frisch, and Raphaël Navarro, new magic has firmly established itself as an artistic discipline in its own right.


With this creation, Laurent Piron takes us on a surprising and poetic adventure that challenges our perceptions, delves into our subconscious, and transports us to a parallel reality.


[TIM / meaning of the title]

• Acronym: Time Inside Myself, Through Innerself Magic, and Theatre Illusions Marionette;

• From Latin Timeo: to fear, to dread, to be afraid;

• The name Laurent would have given to his child if she had been born a boy.


In the press

“TIM”… A delicate ode to the fragility of beings.

Farewell to rabbits, doves, and ribbons emerging from top hats and other magician’s wands. Today, magic has other tricks up its sleeve. It has become a total art form, still provoking mirages but with the help of puppets, dance, circus, light, and optical illusions.

  • Catherine Makereel, Le Soir

The team

By and with Laurent Piron | Staging Hugo Van de Plas | Dramaturgy Sylvia Delsupexhe | Writing Laurent Piron, Sylvia Delsupexhe and Hugo Van de Plas | Original music Grégoire Gerstmans | Sound design Olivier Creppe | Lighting design Renaud Minet, Julien Legros and JeanFrançois Bertrand | Video design Jos Claesen et Maxime Lorand | Assistant scenography MarieHélène Tromme | Assistant staging Karim Selhab | Technicians Olivier Creppe, Lucas André, Julien Legros and JeanFrançois Bertrand

Produced by Cie Alogique in coproduction with MARS – Mons Arts de la scène, Shadow To Live and Infini SRL with the support of Centre Culturel de Welkenraedt, Centre Culturel de Spa-Jalhay-Stoumont, Province of Liège, Wallonie, the Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation and the Loterie Nationale with the help of Raphaël Navarro, Jonas Libon, Georges Piron, Lucien Halleux, Dany Ernst, Corentin Hubin, Guillaume Piette, Renan Frisée, Fred Vanberg, Cie Doble Mandoble and the technical team at the Manège de Mons

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