Jump cut


Galerie Léopold, Parc de 7 Heures


45 minutes


Non-verbal / accessible to all languages


For all audiences aged +5

Dates and times

  • Wednesday 6 August 3.30pm

Free without reservation

And also...

  • According to the IRM and the DSAEP (Department of Applied Sciences and Prospecting Studies), you could witness an exclusive natural phenomenon between 10.04am and 4.59pm that day!

Double Take - Cinematic Circus

Combining innovative scenography with acrobatics and cinematography, Double Take – Cinematic Circus presents Jump Cut! A circus show with a unique and whimsical aesthetic that plays with proportions and paradoxes.

The show

Inspired by directors such as Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam, Jump Cut takes a quirky dive into the life and living room of Raphael Herault and Summer Hubbard (Double Take – Cinematic Circus), offering a surreal perspective on how they navigate life together. With the use of sound, symbols, and paradoxes combined with the unique language of acrobatics and cinematography, Jump Cut will take you on a journey through time and space where importance is given to both the simple, poetic moments of life and the most tragic.

In the press

“Jump Cut,” the immersive show ingeniously combining circus and cinema!

Presented by the Double Take – Cinematic Circus company, “Jump Cut,” in broad strokes, is a sensory experience that skillfully blends innovative scenography, spectacular acrobatic feats, and captivating cinematic storytelling.

  • Alors on sort?, RTBF

The team

Staging, choreography, acting Raphaël Hérault, Summer Hubbard | Support Benjamin Kahn, Rosetta Plasencia | Original music Periklis Dazy, Vizi Production | Musical arrangement and sound design Raphaël Hérault | Costumes Summer Hubbard, Clarisse Baudiniére | Accessories Summer Hubbard, Rapahaël Hérault | Dragon Françoise Hérault | Stage manager Carolina Terrones | Lighting design Raphaël Hérault, Pierre Seez | Lighting technician Pierre Seez, Arjan Hendrickx | Engineering Alexandre Rossignon

Produced by Double Take – Cinematic Circus

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