Elderly Escape


Villa Royale Gardens


30 minutes


Non-verbal / accessible to all languages


For all audiences aged +8

Dates and times

  • Sunday 4 August 3.30pm
  • Sunday 4 August 6.30pm

Fixed price

Discovery Rate


And also...

  • You can also catch the puppets from the Brabant-based company Tof Théâtre on two other occasions in our programme (free, no booking required): a DJ set on Saturday, 3 August, at the afterparty on the terrace of the Centre culturel from 10pm, and “Les Bénévoles” as they wander around Place Royale on Sunday, 4 August, at 10.30am (45 mins).

Tof Théâtre

Discovery in the Magnificent Villa Royale Gardens 

The show

37 years and still as lively as ever, TOF Theatre continues to enchant audiences of all ages with its puppet shows, infused with its unmistakable TOF Touch. Whether for theaters, public spaces, young audiences, families, or the more discerning viewer, their creations travel the world, blending humor, modesty, irreverence, and tenderness.

Gaby, Antoine, and Nadine are three retirees on holiday, determined to rediscover their carefree spirit. Their goal is clear: to forge that often elusive inter-generational bond. This warm and joyous encounter culminates on the dance floor with a frenzied round of dancing. It’s hilarious and full of charm!



In the press

A chaotic, joyful, and nostalgic show, made even more touching by Alain Moreau’s puppets, which as always emit a real scent of humanity.

  • Laurence Bertels, La Libre


[…] a show that does good: enjoyable, participatory, inclusive, exhilarating, it is a vector of pleasure, conviviality, and reflection at the same time.

  • Mathieu Dochtermann, Alternatives Théâtrales

The team

Concept Laura Durnez, Alain Moreau and Dorothée Schoonooghe | With Laura Durnez and Dorothée Schoonooghe | Staging Alain Moreau | Music Max Vandervost | Technician Amaury Bertels | Scenography, puppets and accessories Alain Moreau assisted by Céline Robaszynski and Odile Dubucq | Costumes Céline Robaszynski | Building the set and fiddling with the trailer Matthieu Chemin, Amaury Bertels, JeanChristophe Witmeur, Magda Kulaga and Antoine Steier | Coach DJ Klaus Carter

Produced by TOF Théâtre

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