Johan Dupont Trio

/ Johan Dupont Trio


Salle des fêtes | Café-théâtre




Musical show / accessible to all languages


For all audiences aged +10

Dates and times

  • Sunday 11 August at 8pm



Full price: €25
Groups of 4 or more people: €20

Under 30s

Full price: €16
Groups of 4 or more people: €13

Reduced rate

Full price: €10
Groups of 4 or more people: €9

Subscription (from 5 shows)

Price per show

Adults: 19€

Under 30s: 12€

Reduced rate: 8€

And also...

  • Optional buffet meal at 6.30pm (booking required)
  • Join Johan Dupont after the show on Friday, August 9th from 9:30 pm with his famous piano bar karaoke

Johan Dupont

It’s evident that the trio consisting of the steadfast Festival pianist Johan Dupont, bassist Bo Waterschoot, and drummer and percussionist Stephan Pougin guarantees an evening brimming with emotion.

The show

Following his graduation from the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles, Bo Waterschoot further honed her craft at the renowned Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, emerging as a true virtuoso of the bass in all its variations.

A former pupil of jazz legend Billy Hart and Georges-Elie Octors, Stephan Pougin is a versatile percussionist, breaking musical boundaries and embracing collaborations across genres, from Baroque to jazz, folk, and bossa nova.

In his unique compositions, Liège-born pianist Johan Dupont delves into a musical realm suffused with childhood and nostalgia, evoking bittersweet memories of a bygone paradise, where anything was possible and nothing was lacking. It’s both stirring and radiant.

In the press

Johan Dupont, an exceptional pianist! […] A pianist since the age of 4, he graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Liège in 2009 with the highest distinction. He accompanies any repertoire by ear in a very virtuoso style, always with a touch of jazz even in the most classical pieces. He has an inexhaustible musical curiosity and a deliberate will to break down the barriers between different styles.


The team

Piano Johan Dupont | Electric bass Bo Waterschoot | Percussion Stephan Pougin

Produced by Flak Records

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