Blue Ardennes

Situated between Liège and the German border, the Blue Ardennes have long been a region oriented towards
tourism, with its many campsites and hotels ranging from charming to luxury.

The region boasts unique infrastructures such as the Spa thermal baths and the Spa-Francorchamps motor racing circuit. It has a rich history, from the Roman conquest to the final advances of the Ardennes Offensive in 1944.

Some 29 communes make up the Blue Ardennes: this is where the Ardennes begin, stretching as far as the foothills of the Jura. The region owes its name to its inextricable bond with water, the “blue gold”, which is clearly its emblem: think of its lakes and torrents, winter sports, thermal baths, drinking water, the Vesdre river and its major role in the economic history of the city of Verviers, and the morning mists of the Pays de Herve, immortalised in the films of Jean-Jacques Andrien.

Four tourist offices welcome you
in Eastern Belgium:

The Pays de Herve

offers you its terroir and the quality of its culinary products.

The Pays de Vesdre

around the water capital of Verviers, boasts a rich built heritage.

The Eastern Cantons

dominate Belgium with their landscapes of Fens and forests.

As for the Pays des Sources

recently renamed Spa Hautes-Fagnes Ardennes – whose centre is the thermal town of Spa, it is historically dedicated to water.

Spa Royal Festival presents

Spa: an amazing performing arts festival, a unique city, a stunning area.

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